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Browser and Operating System Requirements

Jefferson Bank’s online banking systems are designed to operate using the latest operating system and browser combinations. It is important to keep your personal computer's operating system and browser version current to ensure maximum security and user experience.  The following are supported as of June 19, 2016.

If you’re unsure which version you’re using, please take a moment to check with the browser provider to make sure it’s current. To do this, simply visit the website of your preferred provider and navigate to their updates/patches. Or, you may also click on the icon below that is associated with your browser to download the latest version. If you have questions or need assistance updating your browser, please contact us during business hours at (813) 749-2745. 

Minimum Operating System and Browser Requirements


Currently Supported
Operating Systems


Internet Explorer ®

Internet Explorer Icon

Microsoft Edge ®

 MicroSoft Edge Icon

Apple Safari ®

 Safari Icon

Mozilla Firefox®

FireFox Icon 

Google Chrome ®

Chrome Icon 

Windows ® 7  64 bit

    10,11 N/A N/A 46 or latest 52 or latest

Windows ® 8.1  32 bit
11  N/A   N/A  46 or latest 52 or latest 

Windows ® 8.1  64 bit
 11 N/A  N/A  46 or latest  52 or latest 

Windows ® 10  32 bit
11  25 or latest   N/A 46 or latest  52 or latest 

Windows ® 10  64 bit
11  25 or latest   N/A 46 or latest  52 or latest 

Mac OS X 10.9

N/A N/A 9 N/A N/A

Mac OS X 10.10 
N/A N/A 9 N/A N/A
Mac OS X 10.11
(El Capitan™)
N/A  N/A   9 N/A  N/A 
  •  Cookies and JavaScript must be enabled.

  •  For maximum security, always us the lastest version of a browser.  Beta versions of systems and browsers are not recommended.

  • Other browsers and operating systems not listed above may be used; however, they are not supported and some features of Jefferson Bank's online banking systems may not function properly. If a browser or operating system is no longer supported by the vendor, it is not supported by Jefferson Bank's online systems.
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